Be a hero for life… just use an organ donor card. It is important to note: whether for or against organ donation, the decision is decisive.
Because far too many people still have no organ donor card, which records a decision that you alone should make. Why is that important? In Germany, the “decision solution” still applies, which means that you have to agree to organ donation actively.
Together with Junge Helden e.V. we would like to raise awareness for this topic. We are supporting Junge Helden now, because the non-profit organisation does great educational work in the field of organ donation.
How exactly we are doing that? Check out our Instagram channel, where we’ll keep you updated on the campaign and cooperation – but let’s just say: it’s getting creative! We already have our own official Mio Mio organ donor cards. You want one? Simply download it here.
For more information on organ donation: