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Together we turn on
© Fotocredits gehen an @mikekipper_
Together we turn on …What gets us high? Probably the most beautiful Mio Mio Mate we’ve ever had! Because Mio Mio and PROVINZ are doing it together this year! With its own limited edition, the invigorating rhythmic cooperation between the band PROVINZ and Mio Mio starts in July. From product to co-op shirt, we want to make all fans happy and celebrate the summer full of possibilities.

If you’ve ever seen Province live, you know how much enthusiasm the band turns up on stage. Their drive? Lots of creativity, passion and Mio Mio Mate! After a lovely request from Vincent, we were on fire. That’s how we found each other, launched the first Limited Edition in Mio Mio’s history and now together we’re enlivening the most beautiful outdoor time of the year. So, carry them around with you, tag us on Insta and make something of it – the time together is limited!

How appropriate, by the way, that PROVINZ provides the perfect mood with a new album. Curious? Click here and listen to it: https://wmg.click/ProvinzxMioMio
You can find more information about our cooperation on our Instagram channel. Here you also have the chance to win tickets and see PROVINZ live in a special VIP atmosphere: instagram.com/miomio_official/
Every trip, every exchange, every experience gets you further. That’s why we asked: Are you ready for Ecuador? We received numerous applications – three applicants will finally travel to Ecuador! It remains exciting, you can follow the trip on our Instagram profile: https://www.instagram.com/miomio_official/
– for ecological and committed people
– independent of education and status
– your contribution to cultural exchange
What exactly is it about? Together with our friends from KulturLife, we are committed to intercultural exchange. The volunteer project “El Paso Verde” is dedicated to the reconstruction of the Ecuadorian rainforest and offers the opportunity to get to know the impressive biological diversity of Ecuador.

However, such a volunteer service is not a feet-up vacation in the green paradise, but requires the willingness to pitch in and get involved in a new adventure. On-site tasks include planting trees, sowing fruit, watering and maintaining the grounds, and participating in local public relations work. Our applicants live on the farm in El Limonal (about 1.5 hours northwest of Ibarra) and live there with the other volunteers in a dormitory in the volunteer house. A project leader takes care of individual concerns. Thanks to Mio Mio, this experience is free for three selected participants!
Pop-Up Gallery #1
ATELIERFRANKFURT e.V. | Frankfurt (Main)
10.03. – 13.03.22
Pop-Up Gallery #2
Location TBD
24.03. – 27.03.22
Art inspires and invigorates life – just like Mio Mio. It’s time to turn up the heat and invigorate your creative spirit with a fresh new way of life. Together with Kunst100 we are now mixing up the scene by giving young talented artists a stage in our Mio Mio pop-up gallery. Because art doesn’t belong in some elitist museum, but in real life.
Kunst100 is an online art gallery that has set itself the task of revolutionizing the traditional art market. Young, digital and above all, art should be for everyone in the eyes of Kunst100. Here, art talents are discovered and art is offered at an affordable price. Take a look online at Kunst100 and discover new inspiration for your walls.
At our Living style-exhibition (LebensART-Ausstellung) in Frankfurt and Düsseldorf, you can also look forward to a colorful potpourri of regional, national and international artists and selected Mio Mio community artists. We will also be supporting the “Kunst100 Neue Szene e.V.” association. Come by and enjoy art, music, Mio Mio and free admission.
Be a hero for life… just use an organ donor card. It is important to note: whether for or against organ donation, the decision is decisive.
Because far too many people still have no organ donor card, which records a decision that you alone should make. Why is that important? In Germany, the “decision solution” still applies, which means that you have to agree to organ donation actively.
Together with Junge Helden e.V. we would like to raise awareness for this topic. We are supporting Junge Helden now, because the non-profit organisation does great educational work in the field of organ donation.
How exactly we are doing that? Check out our Instagram channel, where we’ll keep you updated on the campaign and cooperation – but let’s just say: it’s getting creative! We already have our own official Mio Mio organ donor cards. You want one? Simply download it here.
For more information on organ donation: junge-helden.org