MioMio demonstrates Responsibility

Green Electricity

Mio Mio is also produced with 100% green electricity from hydropower. But we want to go even further: Mio Mio drives us, we are constantly working to improve our energy efficiency even more.

Glass Bottles

As you have no doubt noticed already, Mio Mio is only distributed in environmentally friendly glass bottles.


Furthermore, Mio Mio is vegan. Everything in our product, even the label adhesive, is made from 100% non-animal ingredients. That is why Mio Mio is suitable for a vegan diet.

Made in Germany


Mio Mio is committed to social and ethical standards in production. We only produce our product in Germany and all our production facilities are SMETA-audited.

SMETA? What the heck is that? This acronym stands for “Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit”, which is one of the most widely used ethical audit formats in the world. Based on the four pillars of working conditions, ethical business practices, environmental protection, and health and safety, the audit covers all aspects of socially responsible business and ensures compliance with all relevant criteria. You can learn more about SMETA HERE.